The Artist

Patience, an eye for detail, and a labour of love can be seen in the work of Mananeh Hami. Whether you are looking at a 3D rendering of a meticulously modeled futuristic building, a modern collection of business material, or peering into the wise eyes of a little shaolin monk, a passion for art and creation shines through.

Mananeh has trained in various styles and techniques, from traditional physical media, like colored pencils and oil paint, to 2D and 3D computer graphics. She has been a working graphic designer for over 10 years, creating visuals for various industries including Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Finance, and Architectural firms. She attended the University of Applied Science and Technology, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Media and two diplomas in Interior Design and Interior Architecture.

Mananeh’s art is primarily in colored pencils and oil, with a penchant for hyperrealism. Her painting “Little Monk” was showcased in Ann Kullberg’s Art Showcase, July 2016, published in Color Magazine, Sept 2016, and was selected as a featured artwork again in Color Pencil Magazine, Sept 2017. Her painting “The Tiger” was published in Colored Pencil magazine, Jan 2016. Her work has been shown at the Art Institute Gallery, Fall 2015, in Vancouver.

In her spare time, Mananeh works with youth art outreach and therapy. She has volunteered for over 5 years with a non-profit organization that supports kids suffering with cancer, providing art therapy on a weekly basis. Mananeh enjoys playing the tar, a Persian string instrument, horticulture, and loves to read.